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General description
The T2-L4A-8650C module is a new generation of DAB/DAB+/DAB-Radio/FM radio modules to use the KSW8650 chipset. T2-L4A-8650C is designed to enable dual or tri-band DAB/DAB+/DMB-Radio/FM receivers of various types to be produced at lower cost. T2-L4A-8650C would operate in master mode stand alone or accepts commands by an
external microcontroller and provide DMB-R, DMB-Video, color slide show, and TPEG or TMC bit stream to external host through SPI or UART. “T2-L4A-8650C” is pin-to-pin compatible with previous generation “T1-L4A-8290C”.

T2-L4A-8650C includes all the interfaces necessary so that manufacturers need only add power supply, display, keypad, audio amplifier and speakers to provide a fully functional DAB/DAB+/DAB-Radio /FM radio.

˙ Portable radio
˙ Clock radio
˙ Kitchen radio
˙ Boombox
˙ Hi-Fi radio
˙ Digital frame
˙ Car-radio
˙ Mini-CD system
˙ DVD player
˙ Multimedia System
˙ iPhone/iPod Docking System
˙ Personal Navigation Device