KeyStone escort you all the way from design to delivery

We have the well proven IC and modules, the most cost effective DAB/FM transmitters and the rich experience in RF design to help you delivery reliable products.

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  • KeyStone provided solutions to brands like Philips, Pioneer,  Roberts, Sangean, Sonoros etc. See more of our partners on our homepage and browse the products using KeyStone chips below.
  • The advantage of KeyStone IC/modules
    High Sensitivity
    Short development time
    Efficiency of production
    Reliability after sales
    Good Service through out the product life

  • Higher sensitivity means your DAB receiver can pick signal with lower strength.
  • The figure above is the measurement as given by DRUK for Tick Mark cerficate.
  • The red line is the measured result of KeyStone module, which is well below that of Tick Mark minimun requirement. 
  • It means you engineer has a good margin to tolerate degratation due to RF radiation from other components in your product.
  • KeyStone accumulated ample experience help customers developing products, so you may have a lot of templates to choose as basis
  • Variety of problems in different area have been solved thus avoided in your product
  • So it helps  time to market
  • KeyStone supply the most cost effective signal generator, SABRE®
  • KS module support CUVBROS® which allows program code be upgraded by broadcasting
  • KS module can be controlled by DATES® to conduct automatic test
  • Every module went through a well-defined rigorous testing procedure
  • All test results are well-documented in a database
  • Each module has a unique S/N with which all its testing record can be retrieved to know its healthiness
What service KeyStone provides to customers?
  • Before Design
    Guide line is provided to help engineers handle tricky RF issue
    Training is provided for design and test to ensure good quality
  • During Design
    KeyStone provides Consultant and Review to schematics and layout
  • KeyStone provice Industry grade modules for vehicle use
  • KeyStone has special advantage for service following in providing two DAB transmitters controlled by  a software which manipulates the transmission powers to emulate the situation that the receiver is moving out of one DAB station into another one. This allows testing of vehicle based DAB receiver without driving a far distance to check for the effectiveness of service following.

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