DAB/FM Signal Generator
as its best.

The most cost effective DAB/FM Signal Generator in the world. It works in standalone, connecting and networking mode. Suitable for labaoratory and factory usage.

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  • DAB+/DAB/FM signal generator in one unit
  • Transmission Power: 0dBm to -102 dBm at 0.5 dB step
  • Mutli-mode: Standalone, Connecting, Networking and Automatic modes
  • Built-in ETI files for DAB+/DAB with SLS, TPEG, service following
  • Extendable ETI files from USB storage

Front view


Top view, as compared with a book


Dimension: 4x14x18 unit cm

Weight: 750g

Working Modes
  • Standalone Mode:  Use the buttons on the front panel to select DAB or FM modes, Carrier Frequencies, Powers and the ETI files.

  • Connecting Mode: Connting SABRE to a PC or Mac with microUSB cable and using a browser to control SABRE

  • Networking Mode: Connect SABRE to tablet, smart phone, PC/MAC via WLAN/LAN and   using a browser to control SABRE. This is useful when a SABRE in factory needs support from RD in another office.


  • Auto-test Mode:  SABRE can be controlled by DATES®(DAB Automatic Testing System) run on a PC to do automatic test over night.  DATES® is a S/W developed by KeyStone to control frequency , power and ETI files to do automatic test.