About US

​KeyStone Semiconductor Corp.(KeyStone) is a technical innovator and leader in wireless digital audio semiconductor. We provide consumer electronics industry with system-on-chip and turn-key solutions to manufacture analog and digital broadcasting products. KeyStone has invested USD 30M in developing a series of low-cost and low-power broadcasting chips. We offer customers with complete turn-key solutions to lower product development and to reduce time-to-market efforts.

We are the sole digital radio company that is able to offer wide technical bandwidth and support to cover the entire digital radio technologies from antennas, chips, modules, systems, DAB transmitters to the app developments. Many novel digital radio applications and technologies have been developed and in production by us.

KeyStone is headquartered in Taoyuan City, Taiwan, and has offices in China.


T4 series was Tick Mark approved for technology providers.

T5 design started

Covid 19 causes serious shortage of foundry capacity. Best effort to help customers satisfied the need of their customers.

China office moved to Dong Guan with Prime.
Taiwan Office moved to Chun Li with Prime



T4 series Tick Mark approved

Shipping to Gibson starts, the volume doubled

T4 series design completed

Design in Philips

SABRE starts shipping


Oceanus IC back from foundry and tested success. Based on which T4 series module design starts.

SABRE   (DAB transmiter)  design starts


T3 series starts shipping

Become the affliate of Prime Satellite and move China office to Lung Hua

Start T3 series design and Oceanus IC design,

Design win Pioneer partnered with A&D


Design win Digital Radios for Hong Kong DBC as the sole supplier.

Roll out the world's first single chip module Tsunami, based on which T1 and T2 series were made.

showcases a variety of DAB+ applications on Apple, Android, in-car entertainment, hand-held, cellular phdigital photo frame, kitchen radio, set-top-box, etc. at IFA Berlin.


Roll out  Achilles (BB IC) and Katana (RF IC).

Founded.  Acquring the DAB BB IP from AccFast.

Admitted into Science Park of Hsinchu.